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Telehealth in 2021 for Pain Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented major challenges to the pain care industry. Pain care physicians and experts today face several restrictions in their ability to provide the usual personal assessments and treatments for their patients. Based on the social distancing and healthcare norms imposed today, telehealth has appeared to be a great option because it allows patients to stay home and consult with their doctors and experts, anytime as per their convenience. 

The development of the internet digital platform that has accelerated now is revolutionizing patients. Telemedicine is delivered and received in the most convenient, affordable, and effective way. The global Telemedicine market is valued at USD 27.04 Billion in 2019 and expected to reach USD 171.81 Billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 37.2% over the forecast period.

How Does Telemedicine Work in 2021?

Since you no more need to trek to the doctor’s office for a proper diagnosis, telehealth provides you with opportunities of:

  • Pain medicine by telehealth
  • Virtual behavioral health pain management
  • Physical therapy pain management by telehealth
  • Pharmacy pain care with online assistance

Harnessing digital platform tools such as video conferencing, internet phone calls, digital test results, and more, these technological advancements are replacing face-to-face checkups allowing access to patients and physicians from anywhere with a good internet connection. 

As per a study published in pain medicine journal. Telemedicine has been considered a game-changer for patients who suffer from pain. 

Benefits of Telemedicine in 2021

  1. Access to consistent high-quality care

When patients suffering from pain problems are denied care, their mental and physical condition can worsen significantly. Pain care often needs spontaneous, consistent, and high-quality attention to manage the condition. People are even more worried now since COVID-19 adversely affects people with any underlying health conditions. 

With telemedicine, they can get this type of care at any time of the day, regardless of the remote environment. Telemedicine also offers better access to more specialists. You can refer your patients to the specific physicians they need, regardless of location. Patients can set up an online appointment and consultation whenever they want to and seek follow-up care with ease, to manage or prevent their pain from recurring. Several tools and apps now enhance the telehealth services providing options for virtual assessment and checkups. 

  1. Instant guidance

Waiting to see the doctor for longer hours when you are already in pain is one of the perils of pain patients. Telemedicine helps to remove this agony for good. Pain patients no longer need to wait for a longer time to seek help from their expert physician. Through telemedicine, they can receive medical assistance instantly. Hence, they can avoid prolonging their suffering, which often leads to depression or poor life quality.

  1. Convenient and cost-effective

People suffering from pain often find difficulty in being mobile on a regular basis. Frequent trips to the doctor’s office sometimes become very difficult for those suffering from pain problems. With telemedicine, there is no need for one to go anywhere for checkups or follow-ups. Patients can sit at home on their most comfortable chair and receive care, guidance, and tips from experts through a phone call, video conferencing, or text messages. It also relieved them from any unnecessary travel expenses or other inconveniences for patients who live alone and have no one to accompany them to a pain clinic. 

  1. Personalized care and attention

Apart from the speed and ease of access to pain experts, patients receiving telemedicine consultations for their pain can enjoy a personalized treatment, almost similar to a face-to-face consultation. In telemedicine, patient data is stored digitally, making it easier for doctors and experts to monitor their progress and adherence to the treatments.

Wrap Up

Putting in a nutshell, telehealth facilitation to cure your pain problems is not only a safe and effective option but also a feasible substitute for traditional pain management methods. We are glimpsing into a future where the multidisciplinary care team can connect, deliberate, communicate with each other, and, when necessary do so simultaneously with patients, families, and communities, even thousands of miles away. 

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